So, I was watching LIVE! With Kelly this morning. It was extra great because Mike Greenburg from ESPN’s Mike and Mike was her co-host. Anyway, the poll that she read this morning was interesting to me so I thought I would share…along with my opinion, of course! The article comes from and was written by Kelly Dobkin.

Poll: 10 Most Annoying Restaurant Trend

  1.  Dogs at cafes and outside restaurants…IMO…I eat with mine at home so why not out; however, I understand how others (non-dog lovers) would not want to have dinner with dogs.
  2. Tables that are ridiculously close together…for me…I enjoy intimate spaces as long as our chairs aren’t touching and the server doesn’t have to climb over anyone to get to me, I mean, my drink could be at risk!
  3.  Over zealous wine pouring…IDK…just inform your server that you prefer to pour it yourself. No biggie if you ask me.
  4.  Designer ice cubes…I don’t think I have an opinion on this, as long as, the glassware and the ice bin never meet!
  5. Enormous wine glasses…I feel that in some markets, it has taken a long time for proper glassware to make a presence so, as a craft beer drinker and red wine drinker…I say, bring it on!
  6. Ketchup snobbery…my typical quote for ketchup is “why ruin perfectly good food with ketchup…next…
  7. Sparkling, flat, or filtered tap water…whatever…it’s just a side note to my cocktail or craft beer!
  8. Unisex bathrooms…I recently experienced this for the first time and um…yeah, no. It’s definitely not for me but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Just keep them clean and sanitary, please.
  9. Excessive punctuation/lower case letters in restaurant names/menu items…depends on the place, could be fun
  10. Wood infused food…I like some of it. I say, nothing wrong with a some hickory chips to put a spin on your pork. Plus, it will taste delicious with a nice smoked porter. Better yet, skip the pork, just go for the porter…prioritie!

Well, that was fun. As you can imagine, this article prompted many, many comments. You can find the full article here

Do you have some thought on these? What is annoying to you at a restaurant?

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